Whenever a new year rolls around, that inevitable surge of energy follows.  But what will make this year different to the others?  Will it be different to last, or those before?  All these goals I have before me – I want to accomplish them all, but I need to fight my mind and body to do them.  Not to mention the numerous errands reality continually spits out.

What do I do?

Not give up, that’s for sure.  I’m stubborn – stubborn to the point it’s stupid.  Even if it hurts to look at these large, complex life goals, and feel they’ll never happen, I’ll keep going.  It’s now a crusade.  If I’m solo or not, I’ll keep going.

Next – tools that will help me get there.  No shortage of those.  Habiticia, Trello, MyWriteClub, Meetup – the list goes on.

Knowledge to complete these goals.  Some I’ll inevitably acquire as I work on them.  Some need to be learned.  I have Coursera and Udemy to fill those gaps.

Lastly, but most importantly, the energy to do what I need to do.  This is the hardest part.  It’s not the motivation, nor the planning that gets me stuck.  It’s this.  Having to fight depression, anxiety and my own body is exhausting, especially when the fight never ends.

I am hoping, with this post, and with the help of my friends, I’ll keep getting up every morning and doing what I need to do.  That fire under my butt, and kept in my chest.

2018 – we may be two weeks into this already, but let’s do this.  Or, as my notepad says: