Game Dev

Each of these projects have sprouted from different sources, though have a similar development – first as a storyline, then as a game.  They each represent a favourite game or genre I play. (Which was unintentional.  Funny how that turns out.)  The only one of these concepts that’s in serious production is Hunters, as it is the most fleshed out of them all.

The Hunters Project

The Hunters is my homage to my favourite game series, Persona.  It started its life as a forum roleplay, and over many years, has evolved into this game, though at the time of its conception, I didn’t know about Persona.

Details about the story, characters, the world and progress on development can be found on The Hunters Project page.


Exception began from my love of MMORPGs and the gaming/anime series, .hack (which recently re-released a remastered version of its //GU series).  I played with the concept through my university years, using it as inspiration for some of my classes.  It has evolved into a double game concept – a single-player campaign where the player can play as a special class and experience the MMO world, and then the MMORPG itself which is fully functional and evolves according to player discovery.

Status of High Concept Document:


Status of Story Bible:


Status of Game Design Document (single-player & MMORPG):


I’ve played many MMOs myself, been through guilds and clans, met and lost friends along the way.  This is my way of remembering them all.  Each person I’ve made friends with in-game will have their own character in Exception.


KING’s concept originated from a dream I had – a science fiction version of Final Fantasy.  Many of the scenes at the beginning come directly from what I saw.  It has since been through the rigours of living as a forum and duo roleplay, being the guinea pig for pitch and game design documents for university and finally as an evolved concept in its own right.

Status of High Concept Document:


Status of Game Design Document:



Recently I’ve decided that this storyline’s best delivery medium is a game.  I’ve been playing a lot of otome games these past few months, and came to the conclusion that this storyline would fit nicely into the genre.  It features a girl (obviously!) who is teleported to another world and becomes embroiled in the politics of this world while staying true to her own morals and values.

Status of High Concept Document:


Status of Game Design Document: