siN – Rustralasia Wipe (11-13 Jan)

What an eventful wipe.  So many things happened in three days.  Let’s break it down.

Day One.

Three new members were added to the clan – Lord Fetta, Woodz and Khooie.  The server goes down a little after 5pm AEST.  It comes back up and immediately the lag begins – a DDoS attack that lasts 3 hours.  During the week before wipe, some notable identities from Rustralasia were banned by the server admins, and by Facepunch.  Many people suspect one of these to be responsible for such a prolonged attack.  Luckily, we had managed to get some sort of base down during all of this and were in a much better position than some of the other groups.

Our first fateful encounter with a group called Owl happened in Military tunnels not too long after the DDoS stopped.  Three of us were camping it (sitting there in our hiding spots) when they came in and we killed them.  Since our base was quite a distance away, a 2×2 farming base was set up so those camping Military Tunnels could dump, and if need be, respawn more quickly.  A wise decision, as we had many skirmishes with Owl, as well as other players who came into Mil Tuns, looking for loot.

Around 10pm we hear rocket explosions in the distance.  Nine of us kit up and run over past Dome to where the raid was happening.  After cresting an embankment into Water Treatment, we see the raid.  Loyl was raiding a 2×2, which happened to belong to some friends of the clan, Versace and Beanflick.  As we start to counter, the server suddenly freezes and crashes about 10 minutes later.  When the server returned to life, it has been rolled back a good 15 minutes.

By 3am, we had a decent main base set up (3×3 honeycombed 3 levels high).  Having camped Military Tunnels for a few hours, we were stocked up on HQM (high quality metal) and rifle bodies needed for good day’s PvP.

Day Two.

I awoke to the news that we had been offlined.  In this current meta, offlining is the surest and easiest way to raid a base, though it’s frowned upon by some of the clans as raiding etiquette between clans decree that it should be online so it is fair for both sides (I agree with this wholeheartedly).  The culprits were Owl; their reasoning: we had camped Military Tunnels all day on Thursday night.  They raided 10 minutes after our last member logged off, appearing highly suspicious as if they were watching the server’s member list to see whether we were still on.  Props to Cocans who was last person online and jumped back on after being told we were being offlined, then proceeded to stay up and repair the base.

The decision was made to stay on the server and farm back up.  It’s this point where I’m proud of my clan.  We decided to keep going, and it was worth it in the end.

10am rolls around and news comes through we are being doorcamped hard and need more people online.  11am and our large furnace base is raided – another blow.  Heaps of metal ore, newly farmed, and an AK lost.

I log in around midday, after being up most of the night.  We were still pretty poor resource-wise, having minimal members online, but we still get to it.  Farming hard, camping Military tunnels again.  I had to log off around 4pm.

At 5.30pm, message from Linky to our kik chat: “Everyone get on now we deep in owl”.  Apparently, out of spite, some clanmates doorcamped Owl for 2 hours, retrieving two M92s and kits, and had managed to go 4 doors deep through their front entrance.  They go ahead and raid them around 7pm, and I log around 7.30pm to them finishing up the raid.  I head over to see how to help.  As I come over, I jumped around the rocky outcrops between their base and Military tunnels.  There was a naked watching.  I go up to him, assuming it was one of my clanmates on overwatch.  It wasn’t.  It was Ω (Omega) – another clan.  Then I see four fully-kitted enemies crouched around in the rocks, and raise the alarm.  Luckily, by then, my clanmates had control of the shooting floor, having already laddered to the roof and speared out a window.  A fight ensues but Omega escape after one dies and the other three sustain heavy damage.  The raid ended up being cheap, after going deep through two ladder hatches and only using 9 rockets to get to their loot, having known where it was from doing deep via the front.

11pm – having farmed hard, 30 rockets were crafted; sulfur was cooking; meds, ammo, kits and guns were all crafted; and the base improved.  It was a great recovery and again, the next day was set up for success.

Day Three.

“Loyl might be scouting” – message at 2.30pm.  A warning.  A compound was added to the base, as well as external tool cupboards in preparation for the attack.

It took until 4pm when this happened: Lucas’s accidental scout.  13 Loyl, some with rocket launchers, running near our base.  Unluckily for them, we had just returned from a recycle run and were prepping for heli when they decided to attack, so we were ready.  7 of us, 13 of them.  They attacked from the mountain side of our face – a mistake on their part.  Our furnace base had clear line-of-sight to their breach.  It ended after 15 minutes.  They decided not to build a FOB (forward operating base) and attack on a side where we could easily defend from.  Thanks kindly to Cocans for this video showing our defense.

Then it was our turn.  At 9pm we ran over to their base – 3 layers of external high walls, flank towers, battlements everywhere.  The battle began.  We built a FOB, and managed to punch through 3 layers of their walls before the chaos set in.  All in all, our raid lasted over 2 hours with many re-attempts at breaching walls.  Our downfall was messy communications and not enough medical supplies brought with us.  It had been a long time since we had tried such a large-scale raid and with a new group.  But I was ecstatic we tried – it’s the part of the game I love the most.

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