The Hunters Project


The moment your kind are truly born into this world is when you open your eyes. That is when your place is decided for you. But the fate that awaits you, dark one, will be a burden – just like the one whose eyes you share. Will you be like her and forge your path, despite its costs? Or will I witness another tragedy? You will experience hate from those you thought your brothers, uncertainty from those who have to follow you, treachery from the trusted and love from those who wish to destroy you. I know you will. But I have hope for you. You are born new, and yet to be formed entirely by this world. You are malleable. You have strength. You are the beginning… of everything.

Concept to Realisation

The origins of the game came from a forum roleplay I did many years ago. Since then, it has evolved into a fully fledged game concept. Now the aim is to turn this concept into reality.

This project is quite ambitious. Thus, the divide-and-conquer strategy has been deployed. As it’s a story-driven game, the major milestones have been defined by major plot events. Using these, I’ve split this game into three phases:

Phase 1 – skeleton systems implemented (including day/night cycle, calendar, dialogue and starting combat) up to and including event 10.d.

Phase 2 – combat systems (including augment, inventory, drops and mobs) and dungeon simulation system implemented.

Phase 3 – social simulation and dialogue implemented for perfect run, including combat conequences.

Each phase has been assigned a Trello board, and I have an Agile backlog of the major features that need to be implemented. All the information about the game is stored in a game design document (see Why I use Game Design Docs for more information).

Current status of Project

Status of game design doc (overall):


Status of game design doc (phase 1):


Status of the game project (phase 1):